Dr.Shivani Khetan

Dr. Shivani Khetan is an artist, mentor, energy healing holistic worker and writer. Her wisdom touches many people, especially students, with her mentoring through Being Humane and as an Associate Director for Zoroastrian College, Delhi. She has a Doctorate and has been awarded Jyotish Bhushan and Jyotish Vibhushan for supporting people to reach their full potential in terms of their mind, body and soul to bring serenity in their personal as well as professional lives. She encourages people to use Numerology, Tarot Cards, Reiki, Theta & Crystals healing, Graphology, Art Therapy Meditation combined with Aromatherapy and water healing to balance the chakras with chants, affirmation and prayers, which are to be practiced every day, to create miracles from the heart and trust in your higher GPS. This is your reminder to make different decisions now.

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