Distribution - Across media and geographies

Book Distribution is a very important aspect of publishing a book. A book is to be made available to all the readers out there and we at Authors Channel work towards making sure that an author's book reaches all the potential places and where  all the potential readers will be picking up the author's book to read. 


We at Authors Channel distribute the books of the authors we work for in India and we also now have an international presence, with distribution of books even outside the country. Our authors do not only include authors who have been published by us but also authors who have partnered with us and who have published their book via self publication or another publication house and through our PR and Marketing strategies we ensure that the books of our authors are sold on many national as well as international websites.


Another book distribution strategy we have in place at Authors Channel is the institutional book sales. We supply the books of our authors to schools, colleges, universities as well as public, private and online libraries.


Our distribution strategies are not only limited to a supply of paperbacks but also a supply of our authors books in the digital form, such as on Kindle, iPads and Android supported devices. We also provide for various forms such as PDF, E Pub etc. 

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