The Editorial Department at Author’s Channel has a team of experienced and talented editors. Authors can choose from the following services offered by the department.

Substantial Editing

It is the first step of the editing process where the manuscript is checked for various aspects like consistency in the plot, style of narration, flow of content, and the organization of the content. Also known as comprehensive or developmental editing, it is a crucial step in shaping the manuscript into a great book.

Copy Editing

It is the second step of the editing process where the manuscript (post substantial editing) is checked for grammatical, punctuation, spelling, and any other kind of possible errors. At this stage, every other element of the manuscript, including lists, figures, diagrams, chapter numbers and titles, and table of contents are double-checked.


It is the last step of the editing process. Proofreading is done after the manuscript is typeset and ready for print. It is done on the hard copy of the final manuscript. Typos, missed punctuations, and any other mistakes that are missed in the previous levels are rectified here, making the book publication-ready.



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