We at Authors Channel want to give our clients a sustainable competitive edge which is unparalled in the market and we do so by putting in place for you the best of the PR and Marketing strategies for your published book. 

PR and Marketing are not only powerful tools for actors or politicians. They have a huge role to play in an author's life as well. Through the right PR and Marketing campaigns an author can get the right access to the target audience, making your book a coveted title to read.

We at Authors Channel are PR experts and ensure that even before a book is launched, we create the right kind of social media and online presence for an author, as it is one of the best PR strategies out there. By having the right social media and online presence we ensure that an author is able to create a personal brand which will make the release of a book a even that every one will look forward to.

We at authors channel also provide for the PR and Marketing of books which have been published by other publishing houses and even for authors who have self published their books.

We at Authors Channel also help authors develop networks with influencers and other social media groups whose recommendations are well considered by many when they are planning to read a book. The ultimate aim is to reach a wide range of potential readers and that aim can only be possible if marketed on the right platforms. 

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