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Author's Channel empowers global authors, providing a seamless platform to effortlessly craft, publish, and distribute their books in print. Your journey to publication simplified with us.

Author's Channel ensures you maintain full rights to your book! We assist in market outreach through distribution partners, functioning as your publishing label. Our non-exclusive agreement grants you freedom to publish elsewhere.

Author's Channel assigns unique ISBNs to paperback, hardbound, and eBook versions. The International Standard Book Number, a 13-digit identifier, aids booksellers and libraries in cataloging and identifying our publications, ensuring accessibility across various formats.

Our products are distributed offline throughout North India, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, and Mumbai, ensuring that we reach every corner of the country. Trust us to provide you with the best quality products, available to you wherever you are.

Explore your book's performance on the Author's Channel dashboard. Monitor sales, track earnings, manage payouts, and conveniently order copies at discounted rates. Empower your author journey with insights and exclusive perks, all in one place.

At Author's Channel, we empower authors to determine book pricing effortlessly. Our Calculate Author Earnings tool analyzes production costs based on page count, format, size, and type. This enables you to set retail prices strategically, ensuring you gauge potential earnings with precision for each book sold on our platform.

At Author's Channel, we employ a Print-On-Demand (POD) model, tailoring inventory to sales velocity. Collaborating with global print partners, we guarantee timely printing and delivery. This approach ensures your book remains in stock, offering the latest version to readers on the Author's Channel platform and various eCommerce sites. Embrace a seamless publishing experience, where your work is always available and easily accessible to readers around the world.

At Author's Channel, our priority is your satisfaction. Our dedicated Author Support Team is here to assist you with any post-publishing queries promptly via email.

Author's Channel calculates profit by subtracting expenses (distribution and production costs) from the book's MRP. Profit = MRP – (Distribution Cost + Production Cost).

Writers in the Outpublish Program enjoy 100% of the book's net profits. We prioritize empowering authors for their publishing success.

Writers earn a competitive share, receiving 60% or 80% of net profits from book sales based on the chosen distribution plan with Notion Press.

Sample Calculation:

Let us assume, the MRP of a book is Rs.100, and the production cost of the book is Rs.30/-. Now, the profits would be calculated as

Profits = MRP - (Distribution Cost + Production Cost)

= Rs.100 - (50 + 30) = Rs. 20

Rs.20/- would be your earnings per book when sold via, Flipkart and all other eCommerce sites and in retail stores.

Author's Channel Press charges a 20% distribution fee on all online store orders to account for Payment Processing and Order Fulfilment Charges.

Profits are calculated as Rs.100 - (20 + 30) = Rs.50

Author Earnings if you have chosen the Outpublish Program (100% net profits):

Author's Channel Press Online Store= Rs. 50

Other Stores = Rs. 20

Author Earnings if you have chosen the India/International Distribution (80% net profits):

Author's Channel Press Online Store= Rs.40

Other Stores (Amazon, Flipkart)= Rs.16

Author Earnings if you have chosen the Basic Distribution (60% net profits):

Author's Channel Press Online Store= Rs.30

Other Stores (Amazon, Flipkart)= Not Applicable

Author's Channel ensures transparent reporting of print book sales through Indian eCommerce platforms. Your earnings, based on monthly sales, are promptly updated on the Author Dashboard. Payments are expedited, issued within 40 days from the closure of the respective sales month, reinforcing our commitment to your financial success and satisfaction.

For example, all sales for the month of January are paid to you by the 10th of March.

Author's Channel generates revenue from global print book sales through diverse eCommerce platforms. Sales updates, accounting for returns and regional taxes, are provided every 90 days, with monthly earnings disbursed promptly.

Author's Channel royalties: Our eBooks are distributed globally through multiple platforms. Enjoy transparent reporting on sales across retailers and regions, with monthly earnings promptly disbursed the following month.

For instance, Author's Channel updates all eBook sales in January on your dashboard by April. Profits from January are disbursed to you by May 10th.

We strive to simplify publishing at Author's Channel. For any inquiries, reach out to us at Your literary journey begins with us.

Publish in both print and digital mediums for wider accessibility.

Secure Author's Channel ISBN for global sales worldwide, free.

Seize full rights, dictate prices: Empower your content with Author's Channel.

Revise and adapt your books continuously, welcome ongoing feedback.

Our Mission

Our goal is to empower everyone to harness the power of publishing, making the art of expression accessible to all. We strive to democratize access, ensuring that everyone can share their voice.

Experience a literary revolution with Author's Channel, where the writer-reader bond is redefined. Our platform seamlessly integrates online and offline interactions, granting authors unprecedented freedom to fulfill their aspirations. Embrace the future of literary success and be part of the movement reshaping the landscape. Join us now and empower your literary journey.

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