Writing a book requires a lot of creativity and we are sure that every author who gets their manuscript to our doorsteps is highly creative.

However, a very important part of selling a book is to be able to publise the book even before it's release. That, when it is time for your book to hit the bookracks of multiple book stores in the market, every reader out there has awaited it's release and that the book store will have to restock their shelves with your book again and again.

One of the ways of achieving the above mentioned promotional aspect for your book is by bringing it in the lime light of the media. It is a very popular ruse that many authors and their publication agents use to ensure that the sale of the authors book is high from the very first day itself.

Media promotions also help by ensuring that readers who prefer a particular genre are targeted; this way the non genre readers will not pick up the book and the author will be saved from bad reviews from people who are not interested in the particular genre of the author.

Having said the above, we at Authors channel provide for media promtoion for our own published authors as well as authors who have self published their books or books which have been published by another publication house as well.

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